Electric Power Utility

As the power utility provider in the Port of Emden for more than 100 years, we have ensured a secure an stable power supply. We provide a modern mid and low-voltage power grid to our customers, comprised of large port operations, but also of small commercial outfits, as well as private households within our supply area.

Project Engineering Services

Beyond supply and distribution of electricity within the port of Emden, we are the go-to contact when it comes to the planningin the field of planning and project engineering proposals of:

  • Power supply/distribution plants
  • Transformer stations
  • Low and medium-voltage plants
  • Road and surface lighting
  • Building site power supply
  • Ground cable search
  • Cable suppression shielding
  • Cable examination
  • Load curve measurements

We carry out the complete service for you according to state-of-the-art technology.

Our personnel will gladly answer any questions you may have.


Börchert Saathoff
Technical Management
Phone : +49 (49 21) 897-192
Email :  bsaathoff(at)nports.de

Helmut Harms
Customer Counseling/Utility Billing

Phone : +49 (49 21) 897-195
Email :  hharms(at)nports.de

Peter de Buhr
Customer Counseling/Electronic Data Interchange
Phone: +49 (49 21) 897-392
Email :  pbuhr(at)nports.de

For Fax Messages:

Fax : +49 (49 21) 897-194

Technical Service of the Power Utility (24/7)

Phone : +49 (49 21) 897-0

Electric Power Utility

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