Mission Statement

Our Sense of Purpose

Niedersachsen Ports is the port enterprise of the State of Niedersachsen and runs the infrastructure of public ports in state-owned Niedersachsen sea ports. Our company delivers a wide spectrum of services for the port economy and the state. Our ports serve as the basis for a diverse variety of business activities. With each of their individual focal points, they comprise the Port System Niedersachsen Ports. The ports are bridges between sea and land based means of transportation, and thus are important links within the international logistical supply chain.

Niedersachen Ports, together with its employees, takes on the stewardship for the business operation of its own sea ports.

Reliability, customer focus and efficiency are the benchmarks of our undertaking. These benchmarks are rooted in a broad competency within our individual port locations and in our vast network within the region. Expertise and experience of our motivated employees make us the quintessential partner and service provider for the further development of Niedersachsen's port economy and the coastal region.

Revenue from operations, outside funds as well as capital from shareholders and public investment grants ensure our financial flexibility and provide the basis for operation, maintenance and the expansion of our ports as needed. 

Port Infrastructure

We operate, develop and market the state-owned port infrastructure. Likewise, we ensure efficient traffic routing and traffic safety within the port area. This includes the operation of island supply ports. By doing so, we make a major contribution to public services of general interest in the State of Niedersachsen. 

Port Real Estate

One of our other focuses is the marketing of port real estate for industrial and business firms that depend on the proximity to sea ports. With it, we significantly contribute to a stable economical development of the coastal region of Niedersachsen and to the foreign trade of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Port Superstructure

Additionally, we operate the ports' cargo handling facilities and provide supplementary port-economical services.

Center for Port Competency

Our core competencies in the areas of port operation and port technology, port planning, construction of ports, navigation and port security make us an important partner for public and private institutions. With this expertise in port and nautical affairs we advise and assist the State Government of Niedersachsen.

Our Vision

Niedersachsen Ports develops the state-owned ports and develops them to become an important brand within the global logistical network. Our port system ranks in a top position among other large port locations in Western Europe, particularly in regard to the transshipment of specialty, general and bulk cargoes as well as in passenger traffic.

We consistently take advantage of the opportunities that arise from globalization and from structural market changes. Accordingly, we expand our port infrastructure in line with our needs and we continuously develop our own scope of services. 

The unique combination of efficient port infrastructure and manufacturing sites for industry and businesses along waterways with depths suitable for oceangoing vessels is an advantage that we will further build upon. To accomplish this, we purchase and develop surface areas for further settlement of businesses in our ports.

We will strengthen and expand our market position with the help of marketable products and services at competitive prices. As a consequence we will pursue the expansion of our own activities onto other ports.

The consistent optimization of our organization leads to increased productivity.  Responsible development and management of personnel with target agreements, transparent decision and organizational processes improves the quality of our services and offers clear perspectives for our employees. 

Increased profitability as a result of growth and cost management allows for a capitalization of the company, which is largely investor-independent.

On a national and international level we represent the interests of Niedersachsen Ports in coordination with the government of the State of Niedersachsen and we further illustrate our positions in statements and articles.

Our Values

Niedersachsen Ports and its employees call the seashore home. We feel particularly obligated to the development of the maritime economy and of the region.

Conservation of Value 

Being unique business sites along waterways with depths suitable for oceangoing vessels, our ports are of particular use and value for Niedersachsen. It is our responsibility to sustainably secure and develop this value.

Customer Orientation

Dependability and fairness are pillars of the relationship with our customers. We treat our customers with respect, responsibility and competence.

Result Oriented

We pride ourselves in a high degree of capacity utilization of our infrastructure and our resources. Basis for all market-oriented decisions is the economic viability, case-by-case. The operational result orientation of our corporation is paramount. 

Our Staff

Mutual respect and solidarity hallmark our personal interaction with one another. The qualification, experience, willingness to take action and responsibility of our employees are important cornerstones for future-proof jobs within our company.

Training and Qualification

 The above average number of qualified apprenticeship positions and the ongoing further education of the employees will ensure a safe and sound outlook for the future of our company. We ensure the inter-generational transfer of knowledge and experience through a long-term personnel policy.