Real Estate and Legal Department

Real Estate and Legal Department

The section Real Estate has an overview of our entire real estate and properties – and, at an area of 3,500 hectares, that's quite a handful! In every port, we own areas of land that we award to companies and even individuals through Erbbau, Lease, and Licensing agreements. That’s a lot of contracts to manage – some 1,800 for our commercial and industrial areas.

Property Entails Obligations

Our colleagues in the Real Estate sector know their way around much more than contracts. They commission and evaluate surveys. They take care of land registry entries, cadastral entries and, if necessary, recover contractual payments. They negotiate with lawyers, entrepreneurs, authorities, farmers, private individuals – a wide spectrum indeed!

Compensation for Flora & Fauna.

As a state-owned company, we naturally have an ecological and social responsibility towards the environment and nature. When we build port facilities, we interfere with the natural landscapes. What is taken away from the environment is returned to it with so-called compensation areas and buffer zones. This creates important ecosystems and valuable habitats for animals and plants in our region.  Our Real Estate sector ensures that the precise guidelines and specified compensation measures are complied with and implemented.



Did you know? Any current commercial or industrial settlement opportunity on our commercial surface areas is always advertised on our website.

We Have “Every Right” to be Legally Prepared!

In order to ensure that everything is done in a lawful manner and “by the book”, we maintain a legal area at our headquarters. Our attorneys focus on civil and public law. In addition, they accompany and support difficult legal matters at all locations and work together with specialist lawyers for this purpose. Other areas of responsibility include advising the management and the real estate department, making legal statements and supporting of out-of-court litigation.

Bärbel Luise Treziak

Leader Law / Real Estate

Hindenburgstraße 26 - 30
26122 Oldenburg

T:+49 (44 1) 3 50 20 - 700