Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of Niedersachsen Ports

Niedersachsen Ports is a port infrastructure company with fifteen locations on the North Sea coast and provides the largest range of public seaports from a single entity. This versatility offers our partners in transport, logistics, trade, and industry excellent opportunities for port-related business both now and in the future.

This is us

Niedersachsen Ports is a full subsidiary of the State of Lower Saxony and is the port authority with the most public seaports in Germany. We provide the infrastructure for shipping and logistics in fifteen ports in Lower Saxony. Our ports are of great significance for the economy far beyond the coastal region. As an infrastructure company, we shape the future of our ports. At the intersection between sea and land, Niedersachsen Ports brings all stakeholders together. Reliable, efficient and customer-oriented: Our experienced and competent employees are indispensable impulse generators for the development of the port network in the state of Lower Saxony. We feel closely linked to the coastal region. Trade, tourism and fishing are dependent on our ports - we are happy to face up to this responsibility. In cooperation with its partners, Niedersachsen Ports is developing a clear future perspective for each port location and the entire region.

Our Expertise

With their versatile structure, the ports of Niedersachsen Ports are optimally equipped for all needs. To meet the various requirements of our customers, we have tailored solutions for individual needs in our ports. Our infrastructure and professional expertise in combination with the services of the port industry, make the port facilities of the federal state of Lower Saxony a high-quality logistics location. 

As an efficiency-oriented company, Niedersachsen Ports operates, develops and markets the state-owned port infrastructure - for international maritime trade as well as for regional island supply. We expand and adapt our ports in line with demand and with a forward-looking approach, and we manage traffic safely and efficiently. Besides, Niedersachsen Ports operates transhipment facilities and provides customers with supplementary port management services.

We develop and market port real estate for commercial and industrial companies that depend on proximity to seaports. Niedersachsen Ports has an extensive portfolio of open spaces that offer customers the great potential for development.

The operation, construction and planning of port infrastructures are just as much part of our core competencies as nautics, engineering and security. With our comprehensive port expertise, we advise and support the Lower Saxony state government. We communicate in a targeted manner and represent the interests of the state on a national and international level.

Full speed ahead

We are building a high-performance port system that is among the best in Europe. In global competition, the Niedersachsen Ports brand stands for excellent logistics locations in the German Bight.

We are a winner in globalisation due to our ability to recognise and utilize opportunities arising from rapidly changing markets at an early stage. Niedersachsen Ports develops infrastructure and services in its ports with foresighted planning.

Our ports. Your future: Niedersachsen Ports fulfils this promise with a reliable partnership. Together with our customers, we continuously strive to make our ports more efficient. Together with our partners, we contribute significantly to the development of Lower Saxony's coastal region.


The coast is our home and we are committed to the development of the maritime economy and the region. Our ports are of great importance for the people and economy of Lower Saxony and far beyond. It is our responsibility to ensure the benefit and value of this unique port system.

Niedersachsen Ports creates added value for a sustainable and future-oriented port industry and the region in which we operate. Our actions meet the high demands of our customers and are characterised by respect for people and the environment. We make the most efficient use of our resources and manpower in maintaining the port infrastructure. At Niedersachsen Ports, we foster fair and reliable cooperation with our customers and partners.

We are a strong community. The cooperation in our company is characterised by mutual trust and respect. We act loyally and responsibly. Our managers set clear goals and ensure a motivating working environment. Diversity of opinion and personal initiative are encouraged.

Our employees are the basis of our success. That is why we invest in further training, promotion of young talents and loyalty to the company. With an above-average number of apprenticeship training positions, Niedersachsen Ports is an attractive employer for qualified junior staff. We promote the transfer of knowledge and experience between the generations. Equality and the compatibility of work and family are of great significance for us.