Port Authority

Port Authority and Security

Port Authority for the ports operated by Niedersachsen Ports is Division 31.1 of Niedersachsen's Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor, Transport and Digitization. Its tasks include:

  • averting of danger in connection with port and maritime shipping affairs
  • monitoring the transport of dangerous goods within the ports
  • the safety and security of ports and port facilities (Port Security)
  • granting of exceptions for the waste removal of ships

For this, Niedersachsen Ports can furnish administrative assistance. In each individual port, the respective port captain is in charge. To some extent, he is also responsible for port areas, which are not operated by Niedersachsen Ports.

More detailed information about the port areas can be found on the webpages of Niedersachsen's Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor, and Transport.


Official Port Proclamation