Port Construction and Operation

Port Services

We have many years of experience in port management. Niedersachsen Ports plans, builds and expands the infrastructure of their ports. We are in charge of the technical and the commercial project planning. Niedersachsen Ports is responsible for civil engineering and plant engineering, and for the inspection and maintenance of their buildings. And we make sure to never lose sight of the sustainability of our activities.

Electric Power Utility

As the power utility company in the Port of Emden, we have ensured a secure and stable power supply for more than 100 years now. Our customers include large port operations, midsize and small commercial outfits, and private households. Within our supply area, we provide a modern mid- and low-voltage power grid.

Beyond Emden, we are your go-to partner for the planning and project engineering of:

  • Power supply/distribution plants
  • Transformer stations
  • Low- and mid-voltage facilities
  • Road and surface lighting
  • Building site power supply
  • Underground cable search
  • Cable suppression shielding
  • Cable inspection
  • Load curve measurements

During these tasks, we carry out the complete service for you, applying state-of-the-art technology. Our staff will gladly answer any questions you may have. 


Peter de Buhr
Tel.: +49 (49 21) 897-392
Email: pbuhr(at)nports.de

Börchert Saathoff
Tel.: +49 (49 21) 897-192
Email: bsaathoff(at)nports.de

Kundenberatung & elektronischer Datenaustausch
Michael Röbkes
Tel: +49 (49 21) 897-251
Email: mroebkes(at)nports.de


For Fax Messages Fax : +49 (49 21) 897-194

Technical Service of the Power Utility (24/7)

Tel.: +49 (49 21) 897-0


Niedersachsen Ports offers a variety of different engineering services. Planning, call for bids, construction site management, final inspection and acceptance are performed by qualified engineers for the respective area of expertise. Through long years of working in new construction, maintenance and expanding the port infrastructure, we were able to gain comprehensive know-how and experience in different technical disciplines and to develop effective solutions.  Both national and international committees appreciate this competence.

Port security

Extensive security measures apply to ships and port facilities worldwide. They have been drawn up by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to improve maritime danger security. The so-called ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) applies, a. o., to cargo ships with a tonnage of 500 gt or more and passenger ships on international voyages as well as to port facilities where the mentioned ships are handled.

Niedersachsen Ports has over 18 ISPS-certified port facilities in its ports of Brake, Cuxhaven, Emden and Wilhelmshaven and provides at least one Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) for each port. With this certification, an international transport of goods through our ports is possible.

Our investments in security measures serve not only to prevent dangers but also to secure our customers' goods.

Thereby, Niedersachsen Ports fulfils all requirements for safe port handling with simultaneous minimum interference of the customers by security regulations.

Do you have questions about ISPS or do you need a port identification card? Our PFSO colleagues will be happy to help you.

Application for a port identification card

Jan Neumeister
Brommystr. 2
26919 Brake

Phone: +49 4401 925-218

Issuing times for the port pass in the central gate:
Monday - Friday 08.00 - 16:00 h (except public holidays)
Appointments are not necessary


Dennis Tiedemann
Am Schleusenpriel 2
27472 Cuxhaven

Phone: +49 4721 500-153


Holger Nieberg
Friedrich-Naumann-Str. 7-9
26725 Emden

Phone: +49 4921 897-115
fax: +49 4921 897-174

Issuing times for port identification cards
Regular appointment: Thursdays (except public holidays) from 08:00 to 10:00
It is not necessary to make an appointment

Location: Guard building main gate
Außenhafen, Zum Emskai
26723 Emden
Phone: +49 4921 897-165


Jens Pfaff
Pazifik 1
26388 Wilhelmshaven

Phone: +4421 - 300 13-13

Port Approaches and Ships' Berths

We maintain the water-side approaches to our ports and the berths on a regular basis. This ensures the safety of the general ship traffic. With their own two dredgers, Niedersachsen Ports provides the necessary drafts within the ports and approaches.