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Water Surface
Plus-Stories for more sustainability

Harbor Entrance
Plus-Stories for more sustainability

Plus-Stories for more sustainability

Land Surface
Plus-Stories for more sustainability

Work Shops & Offices
Plus-Stories for more sustainability

Quay Facility
Plus-Stories for more sustainability

Cargo Handling
Plus-Stories for more sustainability

Our Plus for More Sustainability

hafen+ is the name of our Sustainability Strategy that we use to steer our ports towards a lively future. We view sustainability as an added value that the 15 port locations of NPorts contribute to a strong coastal region in Niedersachsen: More value for people, planet, and prosperity!



The opportunities and challenges of our Sustainability Strategy are different for each of our sites. Be it Brake, Wilhelmshaven, Cuxhaven, Norden, Stade, or Emden: Our ports operate in completely different environments with special focuses. But some of the stations are the same for all ports. Join us on our virtual tour of the port through seven stations, where we generate sustainable added value for our coastal region in Niedersachsen through targeted development.

In the online area hafen+, we report in depth and often about the ‘plus’ of our Sustainability Strategy: In stories, numbers, facts & figures. Follow the stories or go straight to our reporting. Depending, on how you want to start the voyage with us.

Dr. Dr. Matthäus Wuczkowski

Dr. Matthäus Wuczkowski

Head of Sustainability
Hindenburgstraße 26 - 30
26122 Oldenburg

T:+49 441 350 20 613

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Niedersachsen Ports Facts & Figures


Employees 646 (and 54 trainees)
Total assets 781,8 Mio. Euro
Port area 2.700 ha
Track network 80 km
Quay wall length 26 km
Cargo handling 24,7 Mio. t
(from that 21,3 t Maritime transport)
Passengers 5,9 Mio. Passenger movements


All figures as of December 31, 2020


„We stayed the course on sustainability.“
Holger Banik
Executive Board Spokesman

Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG
„Our ports are an essential hub for a future-orientated, social and environmentally compatible economy in Niedersachsen.“
Dr. Bernd Althusmann
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor, Transport and Digitization of Lower Saxony
„Sustainability has become an ever-growing factor in all areas!“
Folker Kielgast
Technical Managing Director

Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG

Our strategic fields of action

From station to station:
Our Plus Stories

05Work Shops and Offices

Right at Home Between the Worlds

Flexible Working Hours, a Knack for Organization, and Self-Discipline: This is How You Reconcile Your Family and Your Job

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Certificate 'Beruf und Familie'


06Quay Facility

Ready to Take a Turn

A Guiding Star for an Improved Customer Focus: The New PortOffice Concept is Banking on Central Coordination, Collaboration, and Flexibility

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04Land Surface

Letting New Places Grow

Great Compensation Projects, Such as the Ones in Hemmoor, Create an Enrichment for Nature and Society

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Compensatory Portion for Cuxhaven incl. Stade (2019)

01Water Surface

Small Bin, Big Win

How We Use the Seabin With Its Ingeniously Simple Technology, To Skim Debris From Our Ports

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02Port Entrance

From the Inside Out

Environment, Water, Infrastructure: Getting To the Bottom of Things for the Water of Our Ports.

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Re-Circulation Process


Instand App: PortSpot

What Are We Doing to Make Barging More Digital? We Use Great Personal Commitment and a Smart Tool

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NPorts Ports Spot App

07Cargo Handling

Common Goals

Hans-Peter Zint, Managing Director Cuxport GmbH, Lays Out the Building Blocks for a Sustainable Business Relationship at the Port

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