In order to be able to guarantee the accessibility of ports and efficient handling of goods, a minimum depth for navigability must be guaranteed. At our ports, this is done through regular port maintenance with the help of dredgers. In the port of Emden, the so-called recirculation process is used to maintain the minimum depth. The silt is passively supplied with oxygen, which stimulates natural processes that keep the silt in suspension for a long period and delay settling. The liquefied silt, which is kept in suspension, can be passed through by ships. But how can the maintenance be optimized in the future? What are the options for more productive dredging? How can automation technologies help save costs? And how can CO2 emissions be avoided in maintenance? The project AMISIA deals with these questions.

Project Goals

The aim of the project is to make maintenance dredging in the port of Emden more productive and environmentally friendly using innovative technologies and automated systems. For this purpose, a dredger is being developed in combination with a future-proof dredging concept. The use of digitized navigation and automated systems promise safe operations in the port. With the dredger designed in AMISIA, the profitability of port maintenance is to be sustainably strengthened through extensive automation. The concept also provides an alternative propulsion to make maintenance less CO2 in the future.

Project Partner

In this project we are working with two network partners and three associated partners. The network partners include OFFIS – Instutut für Informatik (Institute for Information Technology) and MAREVAL AG. OFFIS is an affiliated institute of the Carl von Ossietzky University and will, among other things, adopt a concept for the automation of recirculation in the AMISIA project. The network partner MAREVAL AG is an engineering service provider in the maritime offshore industry. In the project, MAREVAL takes on the shipbuilding concept and the concept for automating the recirculation.
Associated partners include Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH and Götting KG. They will work closely with OFFIS and MAREVAL in the conceptual work as well as in the test drives and support the project, among other things, by providing sensors.


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