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The Interreg project DUAL Ports stands for "Developing Low carbon Utilities, Abilities and potential of regional entrepreneurial Ports" and aims to decarbonize regional ports and reduce their environmental footprint. The project will target energy efficiency to improve port performance and enable cost reduction as well as decarbonization (for more info see: https://www.dualports.eu/ ). To achieve the project goals, several pilot projects will be implemented within DUAL Ports. We, at Niedersachsen Ports, are implementing the following pilot projects:


  • Green Port Officer:
    In this sub-project, we have created the initial structures for sustainable and innovative port management. This includes the initiation of pilot measures in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energies, a sustainability management system, a sustainability strategy and a sustainability reporting system. As part of the project, numerous measures and management approaches were tested in order to make our ports future-oriented.
  • LED:
    To reduce CO2 emissions and optimize the use of our port lighting, we installed and tested a new intelligent and innovative lighting system on a set of tracks. For automobile handling in the port, the track group is used for shunting, parking, loading and unloading of car trains. The type of activity as well as the different areas that need to be illuminated require different lighting situations. 
    The heart of the new system is the intelligent control system. Motion sensors as well as light and track sensors detect the respective situation. The system can also be operated remotely via a web connection to provide light where, when and in what intensity it is actually needed.
  • Sediment treatment: 
    In this pilot project, we are developing an innovative and sustainable concept for pollutant removal in sediments. The test site is located in the port of Emden and is intended to help maintain the port in a cost-efficient and resource-saving manner.

For additional image material on this project, please contact our press office at: presse(at)nports.de.


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