The high traffic density in port areas can lead to dangerous situations. While they are entering and exiting the port areas, and while mooring and unmooring, ships have to maneuver in areas that are hard to fathom (i.e., surrounding traffic, tides, currents, and wind gusts).  On a good day, these situations mean damage to ships and port infrastructure, but in a worst-case scenario, this can easily mean personal injury or pollution of the environment, or it can jam up the port infrastructure for an indefinite amount of time. 

SmartKai's goal is the development of a ship-independent navigational aid system that will be implemented through a portside infrastructure, and is directed at the nautical staff on a ship's bridge. We will use LiDAR, AIS, and hydrological sensors to ensure a continuous and precise assessment of the position and the movements of a ship approaching the port infrastructure. Within the scope of this project, specific sensors will be developed that match the portside and systemic requirements. The nautical aid system is slated to be deployed and tested at Niedersachsen Ports in Cuxhaven. In this project, the port infrastructure company Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG will be the project coordinator.

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