Become a designer of the future in our ports.

For your job, you wish for lots of responsibility, large construction sites, and you may want to make full use of your planning talent, right? A stiff breeze around your nose doesn't deter to you and you love the harbor atmosphere? Then you’ll feel right at home with us! As an engineer at Niedersachsen Ports, you plan new infrastructure projects and berths, or implement maintenance measures in our ports. This enables you to make a contribution to a functioning port infrastructure in the State of Niedersachsen and pave the way for a smooth and future-proof freight handling. With us, you work autonomously and are responsible for large construction projects from A to Z: From planning, to the first strike of the pile driver, to the inauguration. In this way, you manage everything from a single source in a team with your colleagues.

Real Life, Large and Tangible Construction Sites

Our ports never stand still. There is a lot to do for you as an engineer. On our page Engineering & Technical Department, you can get a first impression of our major construction projects. 

But there are not only major construction sites at NPorts. Many of our construction projects are maintenance measures that need to be implemented while the port is in operation. As an engineer, you therefore often work in ongoing port operations and in constant coordination with the cargo handling companies. This complexity requires very special skills from our engineers. It is not only the relationships between the individual components and systems that need to be understood. Coordination skills, organizational skills and a great deal of diplomacy, plus negotiating skills are also crucial for this job. A challenging task that never gets boring.

Innovation Through Digitization and Sustainability

Digitization plays a major role for us: We are the first port company to launch BIM projects and will continue to follow this path. In addition, we are very committed to sustainable issues and have installed one Seabin skimmer each in our Emden and Wilhelmshaven branches. Support us in these innovative projects, get involved, and contribute your ideas for a future-oriented port world at NPorts.

Sabine Nitschke

Leader Human Resources and Administration

Hindenburgstraße 26 - 30
26122 Oldenburg

T:+49 (44 1) 3 50 20 - 500

Come Aboard Our Ship:

Here you will find our current job offers. If you do not find a suitable job at the moment, we would be pleased to receive your unsolicited application.

A New Terminal in the Making

Construction of Berth 4 in Cuxhaven.

Your Advantages at First Glance

Icon Aus- und Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten

Various Continued Education Options

Icon Sicherer Arbeitsplatz und pünktliches Gehalt

Crisis-Proof Workplace

Icon Arbeitszeiten und Urlaub

Payment According to Collective Labor Agreement (TV-L)

Icon Arbeitszeiten und Urlaub

Occupational Retirement Provision VBL/KBS

Icon Arbeitszeiten und Urlaub

Flexitime and 30 days of vacation

Icon für Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie

Reconcilability of Job and Family (Work/Life Balance)

Collaboration Within a Great Team

Occupational Health Management Incl. Corporate Fitness

Icon Wertschätzung und positives Arbeitsklima

Appreciation and a Positive Work Atmosphere

You can get more information on our page That's What We Have on Board for You.


Your Colleagues

Specialist Departments


Your Tasks

  • Strategic expansion planning for our ports within the framework of scientific investigations and basic assessments (general planning)
  • Planning, awarding and execution of port construction activities, essentially for our infrastructure facilities
  • Application and monitoring of public law procedures for the expansion of our ports (zoning approval procedures, construction management planning)
  • Ensuring construction, operational and traffic safety and maintenance of the port infrastructure (quays, locks, traffic areas, track systems, berths)

Electrical Engineering

Your Tasks

  • Development and technical planning of electrical equipment in our ports (e.g. cargo handling facilities, locks, port lighting, power supply and power distribution equipment)
  • Safety monitoring and maintenance of the existing electrical equipment (loading bridges, double jib rotating luffing cranes, conveyor belt systems, locks, signaling systems, moving bridges, plant buildings, storm surge protection systems, etc.)
  • Management of the operating network and communication technology


Your Tasks

  • Planning, organization and design of work and business processes of all kinds in view of their optimal technical and economic implementation


Your Tasks

  • Hydrographic survey to ensure the safety and ease of shipping, for monitoring the waters with regard to the sedimentation and for locating underwater objects
  • Engineering survey within the scope of various planning, construction and monitoring of buildings by means of deformation measurements and mass controls
  • Collection, management, analysis and presentation of spatial data by means of a geo-information system for the optimization of specific business processes and improvement of decision-relevant information