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From the roof terrace you can look directly at the Elbe and watch the large ships of the world. Enjoy delicious fish rolls or "The Last Ice Cream Before America" in just a few minutes’ walk from the office building. After work, you can listen to the seagulls or start a bike ride on one of the many bike paths. Sounds good? We’d like to think so!

Our crew in NPorts’ northernmost port consists of many different departments: Engineering & Technical, Technical Service, Port Office, Real Estate, Purchasing Commercial Affairs and Human Resources & Administration. With some 110 employees and about 10 apprentices, we are a strong team that keeps the port shipshape and running.

Team building is a priority for us in Cuxhaven: After work we meet for cycling or traditional kale outings or we participate in the so called "Stadtradeln" event. In the summer, we all come together and celebrate a summer festival and, in the winter, there is a Christmas party, of course. No risk, no fun: Born from a tradition in the Bauhof (construction yard), some colleagues organize a Skat (card game) and dice tournament every year. So, if someone is looking for a cushy job and wants to fly below the radar, then this company is likely not for them. No time to lay low in the bowling team, either: They’re looking for people with some spunk: The team is known for its fast balls and has garnered its share of trophies!

Isn't there something else missing?

Exactly. The colleagues from our satellite location in Stade. The seaport on the River Elbe is an organizational part of our Cuxhaven branch and it is only a good hour's drive away. Not only does this Hanseatic city have a lot to offer to tourists, but also to port logistics experts. Only three employees manage one of our busiest ports on the NPorts side. It is not always easy, and yet, there is not much that will get them flustered. And even though they work a little off the beaten track, we never forget about them. Be it at branch-transcending joint events or company runs: The colleagues from Stade are always represented.

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Saskia Thiehoff

Leader Human Resources / Administration Cuxhaven

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Our Cuxhaven

The North Sea spa & resort town at the mouth of the River Elbe is the destination for many tourists. It has direct access to the beach, the sea and islands, the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site, the coastal heath, forest and bog land areas. Culinary options include everything the maritime heart could hope for, and on the Cuxhaven “Fish Mile”, nothing is left to be desired. And nobody gets bored here either, because you can indulge in "Ship Spotting" for hours - on the “Alte Liebe” or at the historical nautical marker “Kugelbake”, directly on one of the world's major shipping routes.


Are you ready for the island? From Cuxhaven, ships travel to the Islands of Helgoland, Sylt and Neuwerk. But you don't have to travel that far to experience the beach feeling. From the Kugelbake landmark to Döse and Duhnen, to Sahlenburg, there is a sandy beach with beach baskets for you to relax and sunbathe in. Depending on the tide, you can take a hike into the Wadden Sea (maybe even all the way out to Neuwerk?), or take a guided Wadden Sea tour, or plunge directly into the North Sea surf right here. For those that don't like sand, there is also a green (lawn) beach, about two kilometers long, at Grimmerhörn Bay, with beach baskets and, yes: there is a swimming area. Whether beach volleyball, handball, basketball, or soccer: In the summer months, regular matches - and even championships - take place in the stadium by the sea.

For athletes, Cuxhaven is a real paradise. Here you can practice water sports in all variations: From kite and windsurfing, to water skiing, to stand-up paddle boarding and sailing. Horseback riding in the coastal heath or on the beach is also very popular. And, in the climbing park in the Wernerwald forest, you can scale to new heights. If you want to go even higher, you can take a glide on a sailplane. In case you’re afraid of altitude, however, there are also good athletic options on the ground: Golf, mini golf and bowling (even at major league level!) are possible. Last, but not least, there are numerous fitness and yoga studios and the large network of bike paths offers many opportunities for exercise in fresh air.

The Cuxhaveners are known to celebrate festivals properly: Be it at the Deichbrand Festival, the Duhner Wadden Race, Summer's Eve by the Sea, Otterndorf's Old Town Festival, Op no Dös, or the Kurpark Fest at the Spa Gardens – there is always something going on here. 

Cuxhaven has a municipal theater and the Speeldeel (Plattdeutsch Theater performed in the local dialect). There is even a small, but nice, castle (Ritzenbüttel), and a cabaret. And various museums, such as Windstärke 10 (Gale Force 10), Emigration to America, Wadden Sea Visitor Center, Natureum (Nature Center), Bog and Swamp Information Center, as well as the Ringelnatz Museum (German author and painter), round off the cultural offerings in and around Cuxhaven. 

Additional information can be found on the tourism page of the city of Cuxhaven.


There are currently 34 daycare centers, 1 Waldkindergarten (forest kindergarten), as well as 1 music circle in Cuxhaven. You will find further information on this on the website of the City of Cuxhaven.  

There is a total of eleven elementary schools in the City of Cuxhaven. The district of Cuxhaven has three Hauptschulen (~junior high schools), two Realschulen (~secondary schools), two Gymnasien (~advanced secondary schools), one special ed school, vocational schools, and a Waldorf school. You can find additional information and a general map on the website of the City of Cuxhaven

Transport Connections

Cuxhaven is connected directly via the federal freeway A27 (Autobahn) to Bremerhaven and Bremen. The highway B73 takes you to the Port City of Hamburg in just under two hours. 

Cuxhaven is also easily accessible by train. The railway station is actually a terminal, i.e. the end point of the Niederelbebahn railway line coming from Hamburg, and of the railway line from Bremerhaven. This is also where the three-kilometer-long connecting railway to the Amerika railway station begins, which serves primarily as a freight transport line, but also as passenger transport for special trains that serve as a feeder railway for cruise ships. Cuxhaven also has a well-developed city bus network. 

From the nearby airport Nordholz/Cuxhaven, there are daily scheduled flights to the Helgoland Dune. The closest international airports are Bremen (about 100 km), and Hamburg (about 130 km). 

Directions to Cuxhaven