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In East Frisia there's not only flat land, the Wadden Sea, and the East Frisian Islands (popular with the vacation crowd), but also our beautiful Branch Norden. We work as hard in the summer sunshine, as in the storms and rain of the fall and winter. After all, a stiff breeze is not enough to blow the socks off of our 100 or so colleagues and about five apprentices.


Our administration is located in the city of Norden with the departments Engineering & Technical, Real Estate, HR & Administration, Commercial Affairs, and the Branch Management. At our sites in Norddeich, Norderney, and Bensersiel, we have construction yards, which are mainly used for craftsmanship projects. The locations Baltrum, Bensersiel, Langeoog, Norddeich, Norderney, and Wangerooge are managed by our ships’ reporting offices. Due to the decentralized structure, careful planning is necessary on site, because once the craftsman arrives in Baltrum and forgets his "trowel", the work day is ruined!

Our Norden team is known for their particularly resilient attitude and a great dose of humor. So, if you are looking for great colleagues, this is the place to be, because collegiality is a priority in Norden. In addition to a soccer team we have a bowling team and in the “national” sport of Boßeln (a kind of shot-put game), our branch usually garners the top places at the annual NPorts community event. The annual joint summer festival and the Christmas party are great bonding experiences for our team and the joint cup of East Frisian tea is definitely a must during the breakfast break.

Human Resources

Karl-Heinz Iwwerks
Head of Human Resources / Administration Norden
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Branch Norden

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Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG

Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG

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Bahnhofstraße 5

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Our Norden

The City of Norden has a long history and is considered the oldest and fourth largest city in East Frisia. Norden-Norddeich is the city's best-known district, since this is the location, from where ferries depart to the outlying East Frisian Islands of Juist and Norderney. Norddeich has been a federally-recognized North Sea spa since 1979 and is one of the largest federally-recognized ocean spa resorts on the North Sea coast. By the way: In Norden, they talk “Platt”, the northern dialect. But don't be afraid, the East Frisians are open to the world and - if and when they want - can also understand High German. 

Strolling along the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site after work, enjoying a fresh breeze, or relaxing with a view of the dyke. Work, where others pend their vacation. So, what are you waiting for? Click through our job offers and get on board!


In addition to the sea and a lot of flair, Norden also has various sights to offer, such as one of the largest tree-lined marketplaces in Europe or the East Frisian Tea Museum. By the way, the enjoyment of a genuine East Frisian tea is a must, participation in a tea ceremony is recommended. A recipe for making real East Frisian tea and many other tourist tips can be found on the Norddeich website.

For children and adventurous people, it can be quite exciting here: In Norddeich, for example, there is a seal station, the Ocean Wave water park, an adventure golf park, and a children's play house.

Are you ready for the island? What are you waiting for? Let’s hop on the ferry! From Norddeich to the East Frisian Islands!

Norderney - A 55-minute ferry ride from Norddeich

Juist - A 90-minute ferry ride from Norddeich

Child Care
There are currently 15 day-care centers in Norden. During the vacation season, there are attractive vacation programs on offer. You will find additional information regarding this on the website of the City of Norden.

There are 12 different schools in Norden, including various primary and secondary schools. You can find additional information on the website of the City of Norden.

Norden is the most northwestern city on the German mainland. To the nearest major cities, Emden and Aurich, it is about 40 minutes by car via highway B72. 

The train will take you almost all the way to the water. Therefore, if you are trying to get to our Bauhof (Construction Yard) Norddeich, it is best to get off at the Norddeich-Mole stop. From here you can take the ferries to the islands. You will find further information on ferry services on the pages of the Norden-Frisia shipping company.  

From Norddeich, the "Inselflieger" (Island Planes) also fly to the Island of Juist. The closest international airports are just over two hours away by car and are located in Bremen and Groningen (the Netherlands).