Central Award Unit

Central Award Unit

Tendering, threshold value, action guideline, contract value estimation, obligation to publish - all of these words make most of us feel nervous. Fortunately, there are our colleagues from the Central Award Unit who are there to support us. Both colleagues are based in Oldenburg and have an open ear for questions from all NPorts colleagues.

Centralized and bundled

The Central Award Unit is a full service provider for our colleagues. This means that our colleagues support us in the formal preparation and implementation of tendering and award procedures. In addition, they are active in an advisory capacity, for example, when it comes to the awarding of services, supplies and construction work. A further plus: The Central Award Unit can also carry out tendering procedures independently and on its own responsibility. 

Professional Know-How

Since public awarding law requirements at EU, federal and state level are becoming increasingly complex, technical knowledge of awarding procedures is indispensable. In addition to a high expenditure of time and personnel, this also means that expertise in awarding law and technical awarding matters must be available at all our locations. For this reason, we at NPorts have bundled our expertise and created a contact point for all questions on this topic. 

Andreas Demuth

Head of the Central Registration Office
Hindenburgstraße 26 - 30
26122 Oldenburg

T:+49 (441) 35020-410