Communication and Public Relations

Communication and Public Relations

Analyzing, texting, taking pictures, coordinating film shooting requests & permits, or developing graphics, one thing is certain: It never gets boring here.

For the success of the work of the Communication and Public Relations department (Kommunikation und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit/KÖ), knowledge about current communicative trends and upcoming topics is essential. But one skill is even more important: Being able to listen. This is the only way to know the target groups and to know what drives them. The co-workers in this department master the methods and channels that shape the image of the company.

Creativity is key. But this does not come easy: The KÖ division takes the appropriate time to develop and implement ideas. The range of tasks covers many facets.

Public and Media Relations

Ports attract a high level of public interest. Therefore, it is very important that the KÖ division knows the needs of the various media professionals and provides information in text, image and original sound. With the right format at the right time, they offer the following topics: Press conferences, press releases, films, graphics and photos, background interviews, etc.

They answer individual requests from editorial offices on an almost daily basis. Prerequisites are always a solid research and coordination with the experts from the internal and external networks.
Another area of responsibility is the coordination of shooting requests: Apart from journalistic topics, we have encountered everything, from the filming of thrillers to a special wedding shoot.

Brand Communication and Internal Communication

Just like in a good orchestra, the instruments must be carefully tuned to create a harmonious piece. Be it a website, an app or social media, photo shoots for images, print media for various occasions: All this contributes to a strong brand image for NPorts.

Internal communication at NPorts means much more than sending and receiving information, so our KÖ team has been involved in designing the Social Intranet project from the outset to strengthen the flow of information and the exchange of knowledge within the company.

CSR Communication and Human Relations

What do the ports of the future look like? With our initiative hafen+, we are launching projects here at NPorts that will bolster the sustainability of Niedersachsen's coastal region. Through hafen+, we are advancing the sustainable development of our port locations in dialog with partners and stakeholders.

For a course toward the future, we need ample foresight. We know that now is the time to win over and convince the experts of tomorrow of us and our vision. We consistently pursue an employer branding concept. Here, for once, words follow the deeds, since we are already an attractive employer. It’s just that not everyone knows yet.

Dörte Schmitz

Leader Communication and Public Relations

Hindenburgstraße 26 - 30
26122 Oldenburg

T:+49 (44 1) 3 50 20 - 310


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