Human Resources and Administration

Suitable Planning for Staff With Personality

In the HR area, we take care of all personnel matters. The tasks are manifold and range from A as in applicant management, to C, as in commencement of employment, to P, as in payroll accounting or as in personnel development, to Z, as in zonal staff coverage.
We see our spectrum of tasks as a service and support for our colleagues, because we are the go-to contacts for all topics relating to the employment relationship. 

More than 50 employees work in this area. That's quite a lot, isn’t it? That is true, and the reason is that the HR & Admin sector encompasses staff from multiple departments, namely the colleagues from HR, but also those from Internal Services. 

Our employees in the Internal Services are the “good souls” of our locations, who perform many important administrative tasks, both in the foreground (secretariats) and all the way to the background (property management), thereby facilitating our daily work. Without them, many things would not function!


Certified Family-Friendly Employer

We know that our employees only have a clear head for their tasks if they can reconcile work and family life. In our company, we have been putting this topic into practice for quite some time, but it is so important to us that we decided to firmly anchor the idea of the reconcilability of work and family life in our corporate goals.  Since becoming a family-friendly employer, we have been constantly developing and working together to develop solutions. For instance, our working time models are designed in a phase-of-life oriented manner and take into account the different needs of our employees.

Our Staff Development

Here, we have a central and comprehensive view of the development of our employees. The greatest challenge is to secure the know-how and our future staffing needs. First of all, it is important to have the right woman or the right man on board and in the right place. Beyond that, we want to inspire and equip everyone for their tasks. In order to achieve this, we have developed a human resources development concept. In addition to strategic elements such as personnel and succession planning, or continued and further education, this also includes individual topics. For example, we have employee talks, a well-organized job familiarization with welcome events, the New-at-NPorts Day, and the Apprentice Day.


Sabine Nitschke
Head of Human Resources and Administration
Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co.KG

Head Office Oldenburg

Hindenburgstraße 26 - 30

26122 Oldenburg

Certified by berufundfamilie Service GmbH

Group portrait of the NPorts trainees on "Azubi-Tag" 2022 with Managing Director Holger Banik