Internal Auditing

No risk. That’s fun.

Risk or No Risk

One of the main focuses of our internal auditing is the coordination of risk management. With the goal of strengthening the quality of annual financial statements audits and enhancing the control by the supervisory bodies, the internal auditing coordinates our risk management. Transparency is increased, so risks can be registered and monitored more quickly. The insights we gain from this monitoring system help to develop better measures that, ideally, prevent a risk from developing at all.


Honesty is the Best Policy.

Additional, extremely important topics deal with anti-corruption and compliance. It is important to us to protect colleagues from corruption with the help of preventive measures. Part of these measures is to raise general awareness for the issue and provide answers to the following questions: Where does corruption begin? How do I behave correctly? What do I do, if I observe corrupt behavior? The whistle-blower system is a valuable measure, and it helps us detect misconduct early on.