Purchasing Centralized.

The department Purchasing is our “latest” department and has existed since 2021. All employees of this new section are working flexibly and work site-independently for all of our locations.

One Service Provider for All.

As part of their task, the team organizes the procurement of standard and supply room items. This way they ensure that requested items are always available or in store, at the right time, in the right quantity, and in the right quality. These are, for instance, office supplies, such as printer cartridges, or materials like paint for woodworking and paint jobs of our Technical Service. Site-transcending purchasing allows us to procure larger quantities, which is saving us money. Concluding framework agreements for re-occurring demand can streamline processes and ensures quicker availability.


Jörg Drescher

Leader Purchasing
Hindenburgstraße 26 - 30
26122 Oldenburg

T:(+49) 4721 500-210

One Service Provider for All.

And that's by far not all. Aside from the administrative tasks, our Purchasing Department is active in various functions. In addition to the procurement of store room and standard items, our female and male colleagues in Purchasing are also responsible for framework agreements and for data mainte- nance/analyses/supplier assessments. In order to accomplish this, they utilize the technology of an ERP system. The joint digital data base and the transcending collaboration of the employees make purchasing significantly easier and more efficient. In this new purchasing scenario, the female and male colleagues work in close cooperation with the warehouse managers in the individual branch of- fices, but also with all of the specialty departments. For now, project purchasing will remain at the in- dividual sites. But even there, this purchasing function is supported by the central Purchasing De- partment that processes the orders.