Port Services

All from a single Source

As an efficient infrastructure company, we also master demanding port construction and port development projects. Just-in-time is already too late for us: With forward-looking planning, we ensure a clear perspective in the ports. The aim is to secure the competitiveness of our ports and the regional economy far beyond the coastal region. We think ahead and always one step further: We are already looking at future developments today and getting long-term projects off the ground at an early stage. This only works because Niedersachsen Ports works closely with everyone involved between the Ems and Elbe and beyond


Niedersachsen Ports offers a variety of different engineering services. Planning, tendering, construction management, acceptance and billing are carried out by technically qualified engineers. Due to our many years of activity in the new construction, maintenance and expansion of the port infrastructure, we have acquired extensive knowledge and experience in various technical disciplines and developed effective solutions. This competence is valued in national and international committees.


Niedersachsen Ports offers a variety of different engineering services.

We maintain the water-side approaches to our ports and the berths on a regular basis. This ensures the safety of general shipping. With two of its own dredgers, Niedersachsen Ports ensures the necessary water depths in the ports and the approaches.

Port Approaches and Berths

The water-side approaches and the ship berths are maintained by us on a regular basis.