Port Railroad

Port Railroad

Niedersachsen Ports operates its own public railroad in the Ports of Brake, Cuxhaven, Emden and Wilhelmshaven. Every week, some 130 trains run on our rail network, spanning a total length of 75 kilometers. Across all of Niedersachsen Ports' ports, the transport by rail accounts for an average share of 30 percent, and in some locations, up to 51 percent. We are also responsible for the rail net operation management of the JadeWeserPort port railroad.

Ottfried Kreusel

Head of Port Railways

Headquarters Oldenburg
Hindenburgstraße 26 - 30
26122 Oldenburg

T:+49 441 35020 420

Dennis Ortwein

Railway Operations Manager

Branch Brake
Brommystraße 2
26919 Brake

T:+49 4401 925 - 487

Gabriela Landvogt

Railway Operations Manager

Branch Cuxhaven
Am Schleusenpriel 2
27472 Cuxhaven

T:+49 4721 500 196

Aike Wollersheim

Head of department Technology

Branch Emden
Friedrich-Naumann-Str. 7-9
26725 Emden

T:+49 4921 897 312

Romina Hanisch

Railway Operations Manager

Branch Wilhelmshaven
Pazifik 1
26388 Wilhelmshaven

T:+49 (0) 4421-409 80-557