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The ports keep developing with an unrivaled momentum. With a growing demand of the markets, the appearance of our port locations along Niedersachsen's coast is changing from year to year. 

Thanks to their versatile structure, the seaports are ideally prepared for any challenges. We have the suitable cargo handling facilities and special logistics solutions for any kind of cargo: from general cargo in containers to dry bulk, from liquid cargo to project shipments. We view the port infrastructure in its entirety at various locations along the Niedersachsen coast, as our integrated port system. 

In many of these port locations, we have extensive open surface areas at our disposal. This ensures that our customers have plenty of room for development. The diversified offer of logistical services is yet another advantage of location in our ports. With our comprehensive port system, we are flexible enough to meet your demands.  

Terms of Use and Fees

In order to manage the processes within the port, we have established Terms of Use for all seaports operated by Niedersachsen Ports. You will find them on the respective webpage for each port. There, you will also find a list of the fees and dues for the labor and services we offer. 


Productive All-Round Port on the River Ems

The Seaport of Emden is the third largest German North Sea port. It is situated on the northern banks of the river Ems and consists of two parts: the Outer Port, exposed to the tides, and the tide-independent Inland Port, accessible via two sea locks. 

Emden is a modern and highly productive all-round port. Throughout the past 25 years, it has evolved into one of Europe's most significant RoRo ports. Brand new cars, destined for export, comprise a large portion of the cargoes handled here. But the spectrum of goods, which we transship here, is much broader and includes liquid chalk, minerals, magnesium chloride, liquid fertilizers and project cargo, to name but a few.

Home Port for Wind Energy

Emden also plays a vital role in the expanding market of regenerative energies, particularly wind energy. This is where components for both on and offshore facilities are manufactured, assembled, and shipped. The port serves as a base for pre-assembly, transport and maintenance of the facilities and equipment for multiple wind farms within the German Bight. 


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