Island Supply Ports

Securing the Supply of the East Frisian Islands

With an average transshipment volume of over one million tons, 6.8 passengers carried and 35,000 ship calls annually, the island supply ports of Norddeich (the starting point of the ferry lines to Norderney and Juist), Bensersiel (starting point of the ferry line to Langeoog) and the island ports of Norderney, Baltrum, Langeoog, Spiekeroog and Wangerooge, represent a key economic factor in the region of East Frisia.

The Norden branch is responsible for operating those seven island and coastal ports. Managing the ferry traffic and island supplies, fishing and leisure boats presents a major challenge, especially in the summer months. Due to their individual characteristics, each port draws tourists and serves as starting point for the ferry boat services and as supply port for the East Frisian Islands. That makes the ports an important and integral part of the economic power in the coastal region of Niedersachsen.

Over the past few years, Norddeich has evolved into an important location for the offshore wind farms. In the Osthafen (the Eastern Port), multiple wind farm suppliers, such as Ørsted Wind Power Germany GmbH, Nordsee One and Frisia Offshore, have established their operational headquarters for the German Bight. Niedersachsen Ports will further increase the berth capacities. At the moment, Norddeich's Spa, Wellness and Tourism Administration is putting an emphasis on drafting a comprehensive plan called "Wasserkante" or "Water's Edge" for the Westhafen (the Western Port), which will open this port up to tourism. Niedersachsen Ports' focus is increasingly on securing and maintaining the draft within the port basin and the approach waterway from the ocean.


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