Sustainability Report

Discover the plus

Our aim is to steer our ports into a vibrant future and to set the right course. For several years now, we have set our eyes on a sustainable orientation of Niedersachsen Ports and have pushed ahead with some important developments. We name it port+ when port developments become real plus stories: with clear added value for people, environment and economic power.

We invite you to discover the plus in our ports and to join us in designing the future of Lower Saxony's coastal region.

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Plus Stories

The Wind in the Sails


When it comes to energy transition, wind plays a decisive role in future scenarios.

Our ports. Your future.


It's good to know what's important to you. Values like responsibility and team spirit determine our inner compass.

On Land with Lapwings and Toads


What is taken from the environment, we give back to it with so-called compensation areas.

Powerful Examples


Innovative lighting technologies such as LED or LEP improve the quality of light and save energy during port operations.

Digging with Caution


To ensure that our ports are always easy to reach, we perform this task responsibly.

Recognising the Signals


It is important to us to know the respective concerns in order to align our services to them in the best possible way.

Education First!


For us, active personnel development is the key to solving these questions in a modern way.

Setting the Course Together


For the success of our company, internal knowledge in documents, databases and especially among our employees is crucial.

Ready for the Energy Transition!


Reduced energy consumption along with the use of alternative energy sources is the essential key for us.

All aboard


In order to research and apply the best solutions, we enter into cooperation agreements: in the ports and beyond our ports.

On the Same Course.

The view from all sides shows: We at NPorts are ready for sustainable business development that creates value for all. We have therefore decided to act in accordance with the sustainability principle in all areas of the company from now on.
We strive to bring the economic, social and ecological effects of our actions into a responsible context - both in the management of the port infrastructure and in the development of our port sites. To this end, we have developed a sustainability strategy and defined key fields of action:


  • Climate & Air
  • Employees & Safety
  • Nature & Resources
  • Clients & Region

We have set goals for all of them and developed indicators on which we want to be measured. Our sustainability goals guide us in our efforts to secure the future-proof development of our port locations in the coming years and thus strengthen the coastal region of Lower Saxony.

For this purpose we will furthermore
1. provide the financial and human resources and information to meet our strategy
2. rely on partnerships and cooperation with the port industry and along the maritime supply chain to find the best and most efficient solutions,
3. make enhanced use of management systems to ensure a continuous and targeted improvement process
4. sensitize and motivate our managers and employees to sustainability issues and involve them in sustainability issues,
5. seek intelligent and sustainable solutions by participating in innovative projects and taking promising measures in our ports,
6. make our progress transparent by reporting regularly on our activities in dialogue with our stakeholders.

The managers of Niedersachsen Ports are committed to the principles and commit themselves to support the goals of the sustainability strategy.

Reporting Section

With our first sustainability report, we summarize in words, facts and figures what NPorts is doing today and what our goal for tomorrow is: creating attractive jobs and thus strengthening the North German coastal region. We fulfill this social responsibility not only as a publicly owned company, but also as an economic hub and good neighbor at 16 locations. 

We have prepared the report both in accordance with the GRI Standards: Option "Core" and with the global sustainability goals from Agenda 2030, both of which provide us with a valuable frame of reference to which we want to make an effective contribution. Through our diverse activities and our commitment, we contribute directly and indirectly to achieving various sustainability goals.

Together with strong partners, individuals and organizations - inside and outside NPorts - we want to increase our impact for an economically, environmentally and socially balanced future. With this we send a signal to politicians, partners and community on site and also to our crew: Let's shape our future together! As part of our reporting, we will communicate the progress of our sustainability performance every two years.

This report covers the reporting years 2016 and 2017 and also integrates data and information on the port-specific environmental management standard PERS.

The Full Report

Download our complete sustainability report here. To use fewer resources, we have printed only a small number. If you would like to receive a printed version, please send us a message via hafenplus(at)