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We folks from Brake do love the charm of our small town right on the Lower Weser River. Here, we refuel peace and strength in order to make our seaport a success story. Our Motto: It's not the big ones that beat the small ones, but the fast ones the slow ones. Not only does this apply to our port, but also to us.

With some 100 employees and about 10 apprentices, we work in the various departments, such as the Technical & Engineering, Technical Services, Port Office, Purchasing, Real Estate, Commercial Affairs and Human Resources & Administration Departments. There are the young and young at heart, thought leaders and cross-thinkers, "old" hands with experience and knowledge-hungry novices, skilled in crafts and stylish at the office.

We’re all sitting - quite literally - in the same boat. We prove this, for example, with our successful and diverse cutter rowing team. In 2019 we celebrated first place in the company competition during the Braker Inland Harbor Festival and after a long break in training due to the Corona pandemic, we repeated first place in the leisure team competition in 2023. Speaking of celebrating: During the annual summer festival we like to enjoy a nice summer evening, get to know each other (even better), dance and chat… on the other hand, we love to enjoy our Christmas parties in a cozy round within the individual departments.



In the immediate vicinity of the Interior Port and not far from the Brake Railway Station is the Harbor House, where many of us work. So here we can get to work comfortably by train, but also by bicycle or car. Opposite the Harbor House are our workshops and the training workshop. It offers our apprentices good conditions for learning the profession of electronic and industrial technician. And we’re not running out of space anytime soon, just the contrary. In total, there is enough room for up to 28 apprentices and interns. The workshop houses several workbenches, two laboratories, an instructor's office and a classroom with modern presentation technology. Our building yard and our port headquarters - where our navigators on duty, our port attendants and our port railway dispatchers control all traffic matters of the port - are located directly in the port area.Our building yard and our port headquarters - where our navigators on duty, our port attendants and our port railway dispatchers control all traffic matters of the port - are located directly in the port area. And everything is in close proximity to the pier facilities along the River Weser. Anyone who works here is smack-dab in the port operation and may enjoy the sunrise over the Weser at one time or another. We spend our lunch breaks as a team or quite independently: Take a deep breath along the inner harbor and then enjoy a fish bun, take a walk into the pedestrian-friendly city center, or relax in the shade of our port’s own garden.

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Branch Brake

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Branch Brake

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Branch Brake

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Our Brake

Brake is located directly on the Lower Weser River and, as a district town, located in the heart of the Wesermarsch. Our port is located 26 kilometers upstream on the deep waters of the Weser estuary that are navigable by ocean-going vessels. The maritime flair can be felt throughout almost the entire city. The population is very connected to the port. Almost everyone knows someone who works or has worked in the port. That is how it should remain and we are working to preserve this with great ambition.

Every year there are great events: Be it the Inner Harbor Festival, the Summer Lounge at the Town Quay, or the Schneeflöckchen (Little Snowflake) Market in the winter, there is bound to be something for anyone's taste. The quaint and traditional kale tours under the dyke are sociable and recommendable and a “must” for everyone in the winter time.
Many people join clubs and leagues and the “club” life in Brake is very pronounced. There are a total of 96 different clubs and associations. Everything from Boßeln (a kind of shot-put game), rowing, sailing, darts and computer clubs to local historical societies can be found here.

Culture and More. The Central Theater Brake.
The Central Theater Brake is an "old cinema" located between the Hafenstraße and Mitteldeichstraße - one of the most beautiful streets of Brake. Here, they do not only show movies, but this is also a place where numerous cultural events take place. The highlight of this movie theater is the special service: Treats can be ordered via the bell buttons!

Have you always dreamt of taking a bike to the North Sea?
You can do that from Brake with ease. The popular Weser bike path leads from the hills of the Weserbergland to the North Sea and thus right through our beautiful city. It is one of the most attractive cycling routes in Germany and is also suitable for beginners, because the terrain here is flat.

Beach Vibe Included
Who needs the Copacabana or Bondi Beach, when you have the beaches in Käseburg, Oberhammelwarden or on Harriersand almost on your doorstep? Fine sand, salty air, the surf from large passing ships and tug boats – you can find all this and more on our beaches. Not only do these places have funny names, they also have other special features to offer. For example, Harriersand is one of Europe's largest river islands. By the way, Brake is directly opposite from it and can be easily reached from the town's pier with the small passenger ferry Guntsiet.  So: who needs the Copacabana?

Child Care
In Brake there are currently 10 day care centers and an after school care facility. You will find further information on this on the website of the City of Brake.   

In addition to five different elementary schools, all secondary schools are also available in Brake. You can find more information on the website of the City of Brake.
Students will find the Maritime Navigation & Logistics Faculty at the Jade University in Elsfleth – only 15 minutes by car (or 30 minutes by bicycle) from Brake.

Geographically, the small town is surrounded by four cities: Bremen, Bremerhaven, Oldenburg and Wilhelmshaven. The transport network is well developed, there are various bus and train connections, so that the surrounding towns, villages and also the beaches of the North Sea can be easily reached. 

Oldenburg can be reached within 35 minutes via the Federal Highway B211, Bremerhaven is 40 minutes away and Bremen and Wilhelmshaven are about an hour away by car. 

The train station is about 250m from the branch office. The nearest international airport is in Bremen and is less than an hour's drive away.