Technical Service Department

All-Rounder in Action

The Technical Service keeps our ports running at the sites along the North Sea coast and ensures smooth operations. With 300 colleagues, this area is the strongest force in our company.


Volker Weiß
Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co.KG

Head Office

Hindenburgstraße 26 - 30

26122 Oldenburg

There's a Lot to Do

Our construction yards and workshops are all-rounder operation centers. Experts, especially from the mechanical engineering, metal construction or electrical trades, hammer, weld, grind, organize, clean, build and repair our port facilities, tracks and buildings. They moor ships, keep the green spaces in shape, and in the winter, they keep the roads in our ports free from snow and ice. In the event of storm surges, they secure the facilities around the clock. Some of them even dive into the abyss.

Fast-Paced Fleet

Water depth measurements are carried out in the waters on our sounding ships and boats. The crew of our hopper dredger “Seekrabbe” (Sea Crab) ensures the proverbial “hand's breadth of water beneath the keel” and keeps the navigation fairways ready for use. And there’s more: “Floating crafts" such as work and inspection ships, launches, tugs, and floating pile drivers are also part of the NPorts fleet.