Your report can help us to prevent misconduct

As Lower Saxony's company for port infrastructure with the largest number of public seaports in Germany, we have a special responsibility to fulfill our mission. After all, in our daily business, we do not only shape our ports but also Lower Saxony's coastal area. Both are important to us and we like to do everything we can to fulfill our task in the best way possible. Our compliance system plays an important role in this context. In this way, we are making our work even safer for our clients and employees. The compliance system allows you to get in touch with us anonymously through our external ombudsman Wolfgang Lindner in a secure IT environment and to inform us about any misconduct. We can assure you: We treat your report confidentially because we appreciate your trust.

Martin Janßen

Leader Internal Revision / Contact for Compliance Topics

Hindenburgstraße 26 - 30
26122 Oldenburg

T:+49 (44 1) 3 50 20-110

Wolfgang Lindner


T:+49 1520 454 09 83

Submit an anonymous tip


In order to protect your anonymity, there is no link. Therefore, please copy the following Internet address into your browser:

Our company stands for transparency, responsibility and integrity. The whistleblowing system is another measure in our process and quality management system that will help us ensure compliance with the rules. It helps us detect misconduct early on and contributes to the safety and security of our entire team.

Holger Banik, Managing Director of Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG.

Why is it important that I submit a report?

You may be aware of behaviors or risks that endanger Niedersachsen Ports or our corporate culture. With your tip, you help to uncover damage to finances and image as well as the collegial cooperation at an early stage. In this way we can act, if possible before negative consequences occur.

Which cases can I report?

The system offers the following reporting categories:

  • Corruption
  • Anticompetitive behaviour
  • Theft, fraud, embezzlement
  • Violations of occupational health and safety and environmental regulations
  • Discrimination, sexual harassment
  • Other severe violations of the law
  • Inquiry to Mr Lindner

You will receive more detailed information on these reporting categories during the reporting process.

Your report may not fit into any of the categories provided. If this is the case, please contact the competent authority at Niedersachsen Ports or use the category “Inquiry to Mr Lindner” to communicate directly with our ombudsman.

What will happen to my report?

Your report will not be sent to Niedersachsen Ports. It will go directly to our ombudsman, Mr Wolfgang Lindner. He will review your report and initiate any necessary measures.

If you, the whistleblower, choose to disclose your name, your identity will only be shared with the Executive Management of Niedersachsen Ports if you give your explicit consent to the ombudsman. This confidentiality is guaranteed by a contract between us and our ombudsman.

Any accused individuals and witnesses named by you will be given the opportunity to speak concerning the circumstances you have described in your report, wherever this is expedient. If necessary, the reported information will also be shared with the public authorities.

Our ombudsman will keep you updated about the progress of the investigation within the scope of the relevant legal regulations.

How do I receive feedback and remain anonymous at the same time?

The primary principle of the BKMS® procedure in use is the protection of the whistleblower. The system’s anonymity protection function is certified by an independent body.

When setting up your secured postbox, please select your own pseudonym / user name and password. Your report is kept anonymous through encryption and other special security procedures. You will never be asked for personal information at any time during the reporting process. Do not submit any information that can be traced back to you. Please do not use a computer provided by Niedersachsen Ports as employer, nor any other mobile devices or IT-infrastructure provided by Niedersachsen Ports.

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