Specialty Port on the River Weser

The Seaport of Brake is located 26 kilometers upstream the Weser delta. On the sea ship navigable waters, along the river quay of 2.5 km, there are modern cargo handling and silo facilities, and a total of eight berths. As a multifunctional specialty port, Brake will win you over with its speed, flexibility, and wide range of services. You can approach the port with a maximum draft of 11.9 m (scheduled to be 12.8 m soon).

The southern port area with its silos is designated to handling grain and animal feed. Adjacent, to the north, there is an area, where forest products, such as cellulose and lumber, but also iron and other bulk items, which can be handled by clamshell grabs, are being transshipped. Alongside this portion of the port, there are areas for the handling of sulfur and vegetable oils. At the most northern point of the port you will find the »Niedersachsenkai«, where steel and project loads, as well as wind energy components and cellulose are handled. This heavy load-capable quay provides two large vessel berths.

The Interior Port is utilized by ocean-going vessels, barges and fish trawlers. A sea lock with chambers with a size of 85 x 16 meters and a draft of between 3.5 (independent of the tide) and up to 5.0 m (depending on the tide) connects the Interior Port with the river Weser.

Christian Helten

Christian Helten

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Franziska Walther

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